Welcome aboard!

You must be excited and curious, here what you can expect on your first day with us

We will talk about...

  • 1. Introduction and documentation

    An introduction session by HR team followed by completion of all necessary documents and verifications

  • 2. Getting to know your workplace

    You will understand more on the values, history, vision and the mission of the organization

  • 3. Insurance

    We care about your health and your families. We provide various comprehensive medical packages, namely:

    Group Medical Coverage

    provides for you + spouse and children upto 23 years

    Group Personnel Accident

    is for an associate, incase of bodily injury due to accident

    Parental Medical Insurance

    covers hospitalization expenses of parents, in-laws and grandparents

  • 4. Understanding your compensation

    You will learn about your salary breakup and how you can save on tax

  • 5. Transportation

    You will be given an overview on our well connected transport system

  • 6. Safety and Health

    You will meet our in-house doctors for fitness check and learn about the various safety measures followed by us

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